Jennifer Crescenzo

Jennifer Crescenzo

Jennifer has over a decade of teaching experience and is a certified RYT 500 through Yoga Alliance.  She has been at the forefront of Yin Yoga in Australia and leads Yin and Hatha yoga teacher trainings, retreats, and workshops in Australia and internationally.

Jennifer began her yoga studies with classical Hatha Yoga in a Sivananda ashram and developed her unique approach to teaching yoga by exploring many styles, from the structure of Anusara to the liquid flow of Shiva Rea.  Since 2009, Jennifer has been mentored by Yin Yoga founder Paul Grilley.  She has additional Yin training with Sarah Powers and further study with leading yoga therapist Leslie Kaminoff.  She is also fearless in moving outside her discipline, pursuing running, martial arts, dance, and even Olympic Lifting to experience how different disciplines train and to uncover movement principles that can be applied in all dimensions of life. These days when she is not on her yoga mat you might find her perfecting her Clean and Jerk at CrossFit 3000!

Inspired by own experience with the transformative power of movement, Jennifer immersed herself in the study of anatomy to understand why the way we move influences us so profoundly.  She trained with leading fascia researcher and educator Tom Myers (author of Anatomy Trains) and dissected a human cadaver under the instruction of anatomy guru and “somanaut” Gil Hedley.  Examining the architecture of connective tissue with these two pioneers shapes how she teaches. She also looks to Traditional Chinese Medicine, exploring the relationship between the myofascial meridians mapped in Anatomy Trains and the energetic pathways described by yoga and TCM.

Asked by an interviewer at Modern Yogi, “What does yoga mean to you?” Jennifer replied, “Through yoga, we get this amazing opportunity to study the universe by studying ourselves – all the principles, all the systems, all the dynamics of nature are right there inside us and the process of discovery is still really thrilling to me.”

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September 26, 2015