Ellen Blackman

“At the still point of the turning world.  Neither flesh nor fleshless; Neither from nor towards, there the dance is….”  T.S. Eliot.

In our fast paced world, slow is a luxury.  Ellen invites you to find the still point, move mindfully and reconnect with  your spirit.

Classes with Ellen are influenced by her training in Anusara, an interest in the chakras, her meditation practice and love of poetry.  Each class has moments of stillness and meditation and is based on a theme or a poem.   Ellen believes yoga should be available to everyone.  Her classes are suitable for all ages, levels of fitness and flexibility and those who prefer moving slowly and with curiosity.

Ellen realised the transformative power of yoga to heal the body and mind after suffering from severe back pain whilst at University.  She went on to develop a regular yoga and meditation practice and spent time studying Buddhism in India. Now, 20 years later, it remains a vital part of her life, and she has been lucky enough to share her love of yoga with students in Sao Paulo, London, France (where she holds yearly retreats) and now in Melbourne.  She completed her 200-hour teacher training in Anusara with Bridget Woods Kramer while living in London and has since completed training with Lisa Sanfilippo, Adam Hocke, and Elena Brower in anatomy, the chakras and the art of assisting.

Join Ellen to slow down and connect to breath, body and spirit.

July 2, 2019