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Free Talk with Taina Jara

Saturday June 30th from 2 – 4pm

The power of decisions in living your purpose

Join us for a free talk with Taina Jara

We are used to hear about ‘decisions’ in contexts such as politics, economics and finance, where politicians, corporations and other “more influential people” make decisions that are beyond our control, often something uncomfortable, and more often than not, make us feel powerless, even helpless. The thinking behind this is that “other more influential people make decisions that significantly affect my life and I can’t do anything about it”.

But what if I told you that this is a very distorted perception of decisions? What if I told you that decision-making is a huge power that you have at your disposal every second of your life? And even better, you don’t have to be on top of the organisational hierarchy nor do you need millions of dollars in order to make powerful and effective decisions – decisions that can bring about massive positive changes in your life?

Please join us for a free talk at Ohana Yoga to learn a completely new perception on decisions and how to learn to make effective decisions that have a direct impact on the quality of your life, your happiness, your sense of fulfilment and your ability to live your purpose.

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