Ohana Yoga offers a range of classes to suit different levels. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner you will find options that range from gentle and restorative to energising and awakening.

The Calm Space | The Active Space

Walking into a yoga studio for the first time can be intimidating. Here is a step-step-guide for those who are new to Ohana Yoga:

  1. Figure out the classes that you might be interested in.
  2. Register online with mind/body and choose your first class. <TIMETABLE>
  3. Once you are ready for your first visit – please arrive 15 minutes early to get set up for your first class.
  4. To prepare for your first class, please read the studio etiquette below.
  5. For ease in booking in ahead of time, you can download the app on your phone for free. iOS | Android
  6. Please no late arrivals or early departures out of respect for other students and the teacher.
  7. You can expect to be welcomed by our staff and students and to feel like a part of the Ohana family!

We are here to help if you ever have any questions.

We are so happy that you found us and we hope to make a difference to your life through Yoga, Meditation and Fitness.  Our studio offers a variety of classes both gentle to invigorating – something for everyone.  See our Class Description section to decide where to start.
Are you new to Yoga?  All of our classes offer options and mindfulness through movement  so any class on our timetable will be suitable. Please let the teacher know that you are new however so that they can give you options and assistance where needed.

Are you suffering from chronic pain, chronic stress, or constantly feeling overwhelmed?  Then Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Nada Yoga, Feldenkrais or any of the Meditations on offer are for you.

Are you a sports person in need of recovery from your training regime?  Then Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Nada Yoga, Feldenkrais or any of the meditations on offer are for you.

Would you like to increase your strength, fitness and overall feeling of well-being?  Try the Flow Yoga, Flow, Yin, or Barre Fusion.

Do you tend to feel physically or mentally uninspired– sitting at a desk all day, going to your couch at night, sleeping in until late in the day?  Stimulate the flow of energy with the more active classes such as Flow Yoga, Flow, Yin, or Barre Fusion Classes.


$20 for an Aloha pass – unlimited yoga for your first week (first time students only).

$100 one month unlimited – intro month (one time purchase only).

Ongoing pricing

$20 Casual drop in class

$180 for a 10 visit card (12 month expire date).

$30 per week unlimited classes (weekly or monthly direct debit).

  • To set yourself up as a member you will need to use your computer (not the app).  Go to “Contracts” and then choose weekly or monthly payments.

$10 Teacher rate – wanting to grow your practice.. yoga teachers come for $10 per class

Private and corporate yoga classes

$90 personal yoga class (one to one).

$130 group class (3 or more).

Corporate classes: Onsite $160. Offsite $190.


Everyone loves a gift card and we offer two kinds. Come into centre to get the regular physical gift cards or buy a digital one online in just a few quick clicks. If you want to buy a digital gift card and send your friends some “e” love to their inbox.

Private Health Rebate for your Yoga classes. The following private health funds encourage yoga as a preventative approach to health and well-being.

  1. Australian Health Management
  2. Australian Unity Health
  3. BUPA
  4. CBHS Health Fund
  5. Grand United Corporation Health
  6. HBF
  7. www.health.com.au
  8. NIB
  9. Teachers Health Fund
  10. Transport Health Fund
  11. Westfund

You will need to contact your health fund to confirm your benefit entitlements and what you must do to enable a claim.

$20 FOR 7 DAYS


We recommend that you start out with our introductory offer which is called an “Aloha Pass” this offer includes seven days of unlimited Yoga/Meditation or Fitness.



  1. Unlimited classes
  2. Most economical option when you come to more than one class per week
  3. Join any of our Challenges for 50% off.

To Sign up:

To set yourself up as a member you will need to use your computer (not the app).  Go to “Contracts” and then choose weekly or monthly payments. Enter your bank or credit card details and you are ready to go.

Terms and conditions

Membership minimum is 4 months from the contract start date. You must give us at least 14 days notice in advance of your next billing date to us in order to cancel your membership.

You are welcome to pause your membership for a minimum of one week and a maximum of four weeks at any time.

  1. Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class commencement
  2. Refrain from using your phone/turn phone off
  3. No late arrivals or early departures.  This is out of respect for the teacher, the class participants as well as for security purposes.
  4. Be mindful of noise levels
  5. Please put away your props at the end of class and wipe down your mat with the provided cleaning spray.

We can also offer recommendations on classes. Please don’t hesitate to ask one of our teachers for more information.