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Ohana yoga was established in 2008 by founder Gena Kenny.

The word “Ohana” is a Hawaiian word which means connection and in the broader sense it is a connection beyond family, friends and community for it is also a connection to the entire natural world.  The Hawaiian Philosophy shares “There is healing in the sun, the stars, the oceans, the stones, the flowers and the tree’s – it is up to us to simply ‘remember’ in order to receive the healing.”

Part of the broader vision of Ohana is in running Hawaiian and Fijian yoga retreats to further experience this connection to nature.

The variety of classes on offer at Ohana Yoga include  Restorative Yoga, The Feldenkrais Method, Yin Yoga, Beginners Flow Yoga, Meditations both of Yoga Nidra and Tibetan Singing Bowls.

We also provide amenities including complimentary organic shower products and herbal tea, making the transition from your mat to the rest of your day seamless.


Our Vision is to create an environment in which people can develop the skills to connect more closely to themselves, others, and the natural world. This is done through mindful, intelligent Yoga & Meditation.


Our Philosophy is Community. We aim is to provide a space where people can come together to share and connect on a greater level (sangha). Within this community, our teachers, students and team can continually learn and explore new ways of moving, breathing, thinking, and feeling.


We want our studio environment to have less of an impact on the environment so we make the following choices:

  1. We provide Manduka Mats made of sustainably harvested rubber in a zero-waste manufacturing process with no toxic emissions.
  2. We light our space with SuperSaver energy efficient light globes
  3. We heat our space with Infrared Heating which uses half the wattage of wall-mounted convection heaters which means less carbon pollution. And it’s soothing like the sunshine!
  4. We offer water-saving shower facilities
  5. We sell “Thank You Water” so the bottled water that keeps you hydrated during class helps someone in a third world country access clean water too!

Free community classes and themed talks for the community and public.


Gena Kenny founder of Ohana Yoga is a community leader for “Off the Mat into the World” which uses the tools of yoga to support conscious activism and ignite global change.

“We are more powerful together than apart. Our success in creating positive change in the world depends on our ability to collaborate and support each other in community.”