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Saturday August 4th–  11 – 1 pm , 2018

“The Eyes Have It”

The Feldenkrais Method with Megan Hopley 

Explore how your eye movements relate to your neck and shoulders and to your overall muscle tone. Discover deep release in your neck and shoulders. Learn simple ways to explore this at home for yourself. Our eyes have such

During this workshop we will explore gentle and precise movement using The Feldenkrais Method®. The movements are done with guided awareness to balance your eye muscles, along with softening the muscles of your neck and shoulders. The ease this creates can have far reaching effects throughout your whole system.

Many spiritual practices see the eyes as the window of the soul. Our eyes tend to work very hard for us each and every day, particularly with all electronic devices we now use. Let’s give them some much deserved attention, restoration and rejuvenation. We will explore practices that allow the eyes to soften and rest and revive and use our eyes in different ways. This can revive and rejuvenate our whole system and give us a real sense of freedom.

The Eyes have it focuses on softening your whole musculature and balancing your whole nervous system. Regaining balance in your nervous system can bring your physical body, emotional state, mental outlook and spirit into greater ease. Your state of ease is the territory that we will explore and develop during this workshop.

Workshop focus

  • Finding easy ways to identify excess work going on in the muscles of the eyes
  • Exploring the influence on your breath
  • Reconnecting with easy movement
  • Calming your nervous system
  • Exploring the relationship between your eyes, neck, shoulders and your overall muscle tone
  • Experience softening and balance of the muscles throughout your body
  • Learning simple home practice to reduce excess tension for yourself
  • Exploring the effects on your emotional, mental and spiritual states


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Your facilitator
Megan’s passion is to enhance people’s lives through the Feldenkrais Method. She is excited to share Feldenkrais at Ohana yoga. Megan feels Moshe Feldenkrais’ approach really complements and enhances Yoga and other embodied practices.

Megan completed her Feldenkrais training in the Brisbane 3 training group with educational director Julie Peck. She offers a fulltime Feldenkrais practice in several locations in Melbourne. Megan’s movement practice began forming in the mid 1990’s with studies in Martial arts; Wing Chun Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong ‘Chi gong’. She loves to share the experience and wisdom gained through her own journey of recovery from pain and injury; later cultivating more freedom and joy through the Feldenkrais Method. Megan works with people of all ages and abilities.

 “Aging Well” – Changing your perception of aging

Saturday August 25th from 2 – 5pm

Aging as we think of it is a ‘myth’ – Thomas Hannah (somatic movement pioneer)

As we age, there is an expectation that the body will become less fluid, that we will have drier skin and brittle bones, that we will be mentally less functional, and our movement will become compromised. Is this a normal process of aging? Or, are many of these attributes we ascribe to the aging process not aging, but a disease process that the body is going through?

We all have someone in our life that fits this image of getting older and tighter and decrepit, but this is not how we have to age. The limitations that we think are due to the lack of suppleness are the result of habitually contracted muscles that lead to unbalanced movement. This in turn, leads to new limitations on muscles, which we avoid using to preclude discomfort or pain. The vicious circle leads to deformation of the skeleton, spinal discs and so on.

What if you could age with more fluidity and ease in your body? How would it feel to have free movement and suppleness in your body no matter what age you are?

When we remain connected to our fluid body, we allow the body to remain in a state of renewal. When the body is in a state of renewal rather than a state of decay, you move with more ease. All levels and layers of you benefit from a connection to your fluid body; your muscles, bones, organs, glands and your cells thrive in the fluid body state.

Come explore movement, breath and your state of mind to discover how to reclaim the fluidity of your body.

Fee $75
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